Why Hiring a Professional Water Treatment Company is Always Recommended

Does your PSL home need water treatment? PSL Water Guy offers professional water treatment, free tests, installs, and maintenance that save you time and money.

Why is hiring a professional water treatment company always recommended? Clean, safe water is essential for health, hygiene, and basic functioning in the home. While many Port St. Lucie residents have access to city water, others have private wells. Treatment systems vary greatly between these two water sources and having an expert who knows what is needed can save clients money in unneeded systems and can potentially stop someone from getting sick from drinking improperly treated well water. 

City water has been treated by the city. As such, it is highly tested and follows very strict guidelines to ensure safety. While many residents of Port St Lucie drink the city water without hesitation or issue, others do not like the tests of chlorine remaining in the water.  Water has to be cleaned and disinfected prior to being consumed. The city does this in a variety of ways. One such way uses chlorine and chloramine. While both are safe in the remaining levels, the smell and taste can be an issue for some residents. 

Well water literally can change dramatically from one home to the next. Each well s unique and needs to be treated for its exact issues. All well water systems remove organic contaminants such as bacteria and e-coli. However, some wells must also be treated for sulfur or iron. If you have a sulfur well, you will know by its smell. Sulfur wells smell incredibly organic (like rotten eggs). Iron wells, on the other hand,  can cause staining indoors and out. This, too, can have a smell, but not usually as bad as sulfur. Treating each condition can be difficult. Having a professional on your side such as the PSL Water Guy is highly suggested.

Other things to consider:

  • Hard water can cause unsightly bathtub rings, spots on dishes, and dull hair and skin over time. It may also clog fixtures and reduce the life of water heaters.
  • Well pumps may need to be serviced or changed out- At PSL Water Guy, we only use the best pumps and can typically install same-day. 

Deciding to address unseen water issues can feel overwhelming, with countless options online promising easy fixes. However, water treatment requires the expertise of a true professional to identify your home’s unique water quality needs. Want a water purification system? Need to remove hard minerals? Looing to treat well water? If your Port St. Lucie home’s water seems less than ideal, it’s time to call in the experts at PSL Water Guy.

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Expertise Matters

Our extensive product knowledge and field experience make PSL Water Guy experts in analyzing your specific water needs. We take the guesswork out of finding the right treatment solution for your water conditions. While testing the water is good to know exactly what you are looking to remove, The PSL Water Guy can also suggest systems that will work for a variety of conditions, especially for city water residents. 

Don’t take chances guessing at water issues on your own. Contact PSL Water Guy today for a no-obligation consultation and evaluation of our water. It could save you thousands compared to DIY attempts or neglected problems. When it comes to your home and family’s safety, wouldn’t you rather rely on experts who’ve seen it all before?

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Proper Equipment for the Job

Once we know exactly what’s in your water sample, we can recommend the right system to do the job. As experts, we know which high-quality brands cater to specific needs:

  • Only American-made equipment for us. Tougher regulations mean you avoid shoddy imports prone to breaking down. 
  • Capacity matters too. Big families or properties need units rated for more continuous flow. We size things right to avoid untreated water slipping through.

Ever seen a gadget touted as the solution, only for it to flake out fast? Avoid that disappointment. With PSL Water Guy, rest assured the best tech backed by warranties will safely, and efficiently handle whatever’s in your water for years.

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Professional Installation

Once you’ve decided on your system of choice, our team takes over to install it properly. We work hard to get the job done right:

  • Pro inspection of your supply lines to spot any issues beforehand. 
  • Precise placement is key so the unit filters or softens efficiently without wasting treatment media or water volume. 
  • Proper sealing and testing ensure zero leaks or bypass points that let contaminants through untreated. 

The worst nightmare is DIYers twisting pipes wrong and flooding their house! Not on our watch. Our installations even build in easy access later. Maintaining your system is important to protect your investment. Adding salt to your system, and replacing filters are essential to helping your system last- PSL Water Guy has streamlined it for convenience. We look forward to scheduling your system install, so give us a call today!

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Long-Term Support

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Once your system is installed, we’re still in your corner. Equipment warranties and maintenance plans provide peace of mind that your system will hum smoothly for years to come. 

  • We stand behind our products. 
  • Regular maintenance keeps everything running like new. We are available to swap filters, replace media, flush lines, check seals and refill softeners as needed. 
  • Clockwork service ensures optimal performance without you lifting a finger. Even problems spotted early save in the long run!

Whether it’s a warranty fix or routine maintenance, our guys are local and are quick to respond to your call or message. Most jobs are done within 1 week of calling! Contact us for a maintenance plan quote today with your free water testing. We guarantee you’ll feel it’s money well-spent keeping a great home system running in top shape.

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Cost Savings Over Time

An investment in your home’s water treatment seems like a lot upfront, but contacting a professional could save you money in the long run. Out-of-pocket prices may seem higher than a cheap DIY kit, but factor in what you save over time with our professionals versus constant repairs or replacements:

  • Poor water can wreak havoc with costs in new appliances, pipes, fittings, and more. Installing a water softener helps to prevent pricey collateral damage.
  • Big box brands are cheap for a reason – they break down fast! Stick with our top-quality, American-made gear protected by solid warranties. 
  • DIY mistakes also cause costly plumber call-backs you can avoid. Our guys get it right the first time with their expertise.
  • Even energy bills take a hit. Hard water uses more power boiling kettles or running longer showers to get clean. Our softeners strip that hardness away, saving you bucks on utilities month after month.  
  • We also install the right size unit the first time so you never over-treat water wasting treatment media replacement costs down the line either.

Your home and health are an investment worth protecting, so give us a shout and we’ll gladly crunch some numbers for you. We will put more cash in your pocket versus battling nasty water alone. Plus total peace of mind is priceless, right? Contact PSL Water Guy today to start saving!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a water softener right for my home?

If hard water is an issue, it probably is! We’ll test to know for sure. Softening prevents stains and extends appliance life.

  • How often should a system be serviced?

Maintenance every 6-12 months based on use keeps things running smoothly. Sign up for our affordable annual plans and let the experts handle it! Quick fixes now avoid expensive repairs down the road.  

  • What is the difference between a water softener and a filtration system?

 Softening removes hard minerals while filters catch particles and impurities. Filtration focuses on removing contaminants in your tap or household water. Call to learn more about the differences between systems and which one best fits your household.  

  • What can cause hard water to build up in my pipes?

 Hard water minerals like calcium scale up over time, restricting flow. Our test can detect hardness issues – then softening prevents messy scale and maintains good pressure.

Arsenic, radon, and bacteria show up frequently locally. Additionally, sulfur and iron wells are common in Florida. We’ll identify any risks and address them!

How much does professional installation typically cost? Prices vary depending on your system needs. But it’s far cheaper than replacing ruined appliances! Get in touch and we’ll provide an obligation-free estimate.

Hiring the experts at PSL Water Guy handles all your home’s water treatment needs from start to finish. We have years of experience identifying issues specific to Port St. Lucie’s water and choosing the best commercial-grade systems. You won’t find a more knowledgeable or trustworthy team for premium installations. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule your no-obligation water evaluation with PSL Water Guy.

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My name is Josh and I am the owner of PSL Water Guy. I got into water treatment a few years back when I realized I wanted better water for my home and my family. What started as a simple upgrade to my home became a passion for providing better water throughout Saint Lucie County. While Saint Lucie does a great job of treating and disinfecting local city water, legal limits of chemicals do remain in the water. Additionally, well water users struggle with iron and sulfur rich water. Whether city or well water, a home, or a business, PSL Water Guy has worked hard throughout the years to perfect water treatment options and is ready to bring you the best water possible!