Water Treatment Options for the Treasure Coast

Discover the ideal water treatment solutions for your Treasure Coast home from PSL Water Guy, your one-stop water filtration expert.

Welcome to the Treasure Coast community. As a local business serving Port St. Lucie, PSL Water Guy understands how crucial access to clean, safe water is. From drinking and cooking to bathing and watering your lawn, high-quality H2O is essential for your family’s health and home.

Unfortunately, the water sources in our area can sometimes contain contaminants like lead, cysts, chemicals and other impurities that could bypass municipal treatment. Long-term exposure to these substances poses risks we want to avoid. That’s where we come in – through our comprehensive water filtration solutions, we ensure all properties on the Treasure Coast have purified water they can feel good about using every day.

  • We offer whole-home systems, point-of-use filters and commercial options.
  • Our certified equipment removes a wide range of contaminants without using harsh chemicals.
  • You’ll save money in the long run versus buying bottled water or replacing appliances prematurely.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your family’s health and safety are protected.

At PSL Water Guy, we believe every home and business deserves clean, clear water. Let’s discuss how we can design an affordable, customized solution for your property and drinking water needs.

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Water Treatment Options for the Treasure Coast

Whole Home Filtration Systems

When it comes to completely purifying your water supply, nothing beats a whole home system. We carry several brands to fit any budget and plumbing setup. Our most popular option uses a multi-stage process that’s quite impressive:

  • Stage 1 removes sediment and rust to protect appliances. Say goodbye to stained sinks and grimy shower heads!
  • Stage 2 filters out chlorine for better taste. No more plastic-like flavour in your morning coffee.
  • Stage 3 tackles lead, cysts and other heavy metals that can leach from old pipes. You’ll feel good about your family’s health for years to come.
  • Stage 4 polishes the water with carbon filtration. This “final wipe” results in crystal clear H2O so soft and refreshing and you won’t believe it comes from your tap!

We handle the installation which takes a few hours. Then you can relax knowing your entire home is covered by one comprehensive solution.

Point of Use Filters

For the kitchen sink or a bathroom, point-of-use filters provide targeted protection. Our countertop options install easily and don’t require major plumbing work.

  • The faucet filter screws directly onto your tap and removes lead and 99.9% of bacteria right as you fill your glass. It’s perfect for families with young children.
  • Under-sink filters attach beneath the cabinet and connect to your sink line. They purify water for the whole room without cluttering the counter.

No matter your needs, we have a point-of-use solution that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Commercial Water Treatment

Larger properties like schools and restaurants have their special concerns when it comes to safe, compliant water. Our systems for businesses are rigorously tested to:

  • Remove lead and other heavy metals that may leach from commercial plumbing over time.
  • Trap cysts, bacteria and other microbes before they can spread. We’ve all seen the health inspection violations!
  • Filter out chemicals from municipal sources and ensure your water meets federal and local guidelines.
  • Install quickly with minimal disruption to operations 

We also offer routine maintenance programs to keep your commercial system performing at peak efficiency so you avoid costly downtime. Let’s talk about options for your business!

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Point of Use Filtration Devices

Kitchen Sink Filters When you’re fixing a cup of joe or whipping up dinner, wouldn’t you like to know you and your family are getting the purest possible H2O? Our under-sink and faucet-mounted filters make it easy to enjoy clean, great-tasting water right at the source.

  • Under-sink models connect to your sink line and remove contaminants with every use. Plus they take up minimal counter space.
  • Both options reduce lead, cysts and chemicals to below-detectable levels according to EPA standards. Your peace of mind is priceless!
  • Replacement cartridges are affordable to keep your filter performing for up to 6 months or 100 gallons. We’ll send a reminder when it’s time to swap.

Bathroom Sink Filters No one wants to worry about what might be in the water when brushing their teeth or washing up. Protect your family’s oral health and skin with a point-of-use filter.

  • Faucet and under-sink filters are installed in seconds on your bathroom sink. Then enjoy fresh-tasting H2O every time you use the tap.
  • They remove chlorine for a better taste, plus lead and other heavy metals that can leach from old plumbing.
  • Help avoid tooth and enamel issues over time from contaminated water exposure. Your dentist will thank you!

Let us know if you need help choosing the right filter size or installation location. Your health and safety are our top priority here at PSL Water Guy!

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Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Ensuring Safe, Compliant Water for Business For restaurants, medical offices, schools and other large properties, water quality is about much more than taste or convenience – it’s essential for compliance, operations and public health. That’s why many of our commercial clients rely on PSL Water Guy.

  • Our systems remove cysts, lead and other contaminants to meet stringent EPA standards for businesses serving food and people. Compliance is no sweat!
  • Large-scale whole-building filters process thousands of gallons for consistent, dependable water access. No more disruptions to your daily workflows.
  • Softening equipment protects plumbing and appliances from hard water buildup that can damage equipment over time, lowering your costs.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs From restaurants and medical facilities to schools, no two commercial properties are exactly alike. That’s why we design custom programs through in-depth consultations.

  • Our team will assess your location, water usage and plumbing to specify the right equipment at the right size.
  • Options include under-sink stations for lunchrooms or break rooms, dedicated lines for food prep areas, and more.
  • Maintenance plans keep systems running smoothly through regular service and preventative parts replacement.

Let’s discuss how we can ensure your business has high-quality H2O and meets all regulatory requirements – because we’ve got you covered!

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Customized Programs and Services

Tailored Solutions for Every Home and Budget We know that no two homes are exactly alike, so we take the time to understand your unique water needs and design a program perfectly suited to your lifestyle and budget.

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  • Our certified technicians will inspect your plumbing system and water quality through comprehensive testing.
  • Then we provide different equipment options based on test results, usage patterns, and the number of people in your household.
  • Financing is available with affordable monthly payments. You’ll save more in the long run versus plastic bottled water!
  • Plus we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. You’ll love your fresh, great-tasting water!

Keeping Your System Running at Peak Performance Even the best filtration systems need routine maintenance to perform as designed. That’s why we include a basic care plan with all our equipment.

  • Cartridge replacements, annual inspections, and general tune-ups help catch small issues before they become costly repairs.
  • For whole home units, our maintenance program keeps everything flowing smoothly for many years to come.
  • Commercial customers appreciate our service agreements that eliminate unexpected downtime and ensure compliance.

Give us a call anytime for help with maintenance, replacements, or any water-related questions. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities here at PSL Water Guy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should whole home water filtration systems be replaced?

It depends on usage and contaminants in your water, but the average is every 5-7 years. We recommend annual checkups so we can test water quality and replace any worn cartridges to keep everything performing optimally. 

2. What factors determine the best point-of-use filter for a kitchen or bathroom?  

The number of people, water quality reports, and how the space is used. We’ll assess your specific needs and recommend the right size, type of filter cartridge and installation location tailored just for you!

3. Are commercial water softeners more expensive to install and maintain than residential ones?

While commercial-grade systems tend to be larger, our pricing is very competitive for both sectors. Maintenance is also similarly priced on a cost-per-gallon basis. I’d be happy to provide customized quotes for an apples-to-apples comparison.

4. What water contaminants pose the greatest risks to public health in our area?

Two main ones are lead from older pipes and cysts. We take special care to remove these as well as chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals through our advanced filtration processes. Your health is our top concern.

5. What types of routine maintenance are required for optimal performance of my current system?

Most systems just need an annual check-up and filter replacement. We’re happy to review any specific maintenance needs for your equipment. Overall, our services ensure dependable water quality for many years to come.

PSL Water Guy is here to ensure that your home has access to clean and safe water. We understand the importance of having high-quality water for every aspect of your daily life, from drinking and cooking to bathing and watering your lawn. With our expertise in water treatment solutions, we are your one-stop shop for all your water filtration needs. Trust PSL Water Guy to provide you with the ideal water treatment system tailored to your home’s specific requirements. Contact us today and experience the difference that clean, safe water can make for your family’s health and the well-being of your home.

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My name is Josh and I am the owner of PSL Water Guy. I got into water treatment a few years back when I realized I wanted better water for my home and my family. What started as a simple upgrade to my home became a passion for providing better water throughout Saint Lucie County. While Saint Lucie does a great job of treating and disinfecting local city water, legal limits of chemicals do remain in the water. Additionally, well water users struggle with iron and sulfur rich water. Whether city or well water, a home, or a business, PSL Water Guy has worked hard throughout the years to perfect water treatment options and is ready to bring you the best water possible!