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Whether you need water for your home, farm or business, St Lucie well drilling services can create a productive well on your property that fits your needs. With over 275,000 residents, many properties in the area rely on wells drilled into the Floridan Aquifer for their water needs. Well drilling is a great option for St Lucie, Fl folks, and PSL Water Guy knows there is information that is important to know before the project begins.

Drilling through layers of rock and soil to tap into underground water sources below is no simple feat. It involves careful site evaluation, use of specialized equipment, adherence to safety measures, and more. Your well needs to be installed correctly the first time for it to last for decades with minimum repairs. That’s why partnering with an experienced, licensed, and insured well drilling company is highly recommended.

  • Look for a provider with decades of experience in St Lucie’s geology  
  • Ask about their certification, safety record and insurance
  • Does their equipment meet current standards?

In this article, we will guide you through the well drilling process, help identify the right provider for your project and offer maintenance tips. Our goal at PSL Water Guy is to ensure residents and businesses have continuous access to safe, clean water.

Understanding the Well Drilling Process

Have you ever wondered how water ends up coming out of your faucet each time you turn the tap? For many homes and businesses in St Lucie County, it all starts with the well-drilling process. 

The first step is evaluating your property to determine the best spot for drilling. Factors like the depth of the water table, soil composition and proximity to structures or septic systems are considered. Our experienced partners then develop a customized plan for installing a well-designed to last.

Once the site is prepped, drilling begins. Specialized machines slowly bore a hole into the ground using drilling tools. These may include solid-stem augers to loosen soil or roller cone bits to drill through rock layers. The process can get noisy, but it’s fascinating to see how far down the equipment carves a path to the water source!

Depending on your location, wells here typically need to reach depths between 100-300 feet below ground. Drilling may happen in stages, with temporary casing installed as the borehole gets deeper to prevent cave-ins. This is no easy feat, so it’s important to trust professionals with the right tools and safety training.

After reaching the water-bearing formation, screens and casing pipes are carefully placed into position. These act as pathways for water to flow into the well. Gravel packing around the screens prevents sediment from entering. Development is then done by surging or pumping to clear any remaining debris. 

Water samples are tested before completion. This ensures the water meets all health and quality standards. Disinfection through chlorination protects against bacteria growth too. Our team adheres to stringent protocols at every step of this process.

Once drilling is complete, you gain access to an endless supply of fresh groundwater! Regular maintenance is still needed to keep the well functioning properly for years to come. But with an expert installation, you can feel confident knowing your water source is in good hands.

Does this help explain the basics of how a well is drilled? Let me know if any part needs more clarification. Proper well construction is crucial, so please feel free to ask our team about your specific project needs.

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Choosing the Right Company for Your Needs

With so many well-drilling companies to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. But finding the right fit is important since you’ll be relying on them to provide a basic necessity – water. 

Experience should always top your list of priorities. An established local business indicates that they’ve handled a variety of unique drilling challenges over the years. Opt for someone who’s truly an expert in your area.

Check that your chosen company maintains current licenses and insurance. These help ensure all work meets applicable safety and technical standards. Don’t just take their word for it – ask to review documentation before signing a contract. 

Find out what kind of drilling equipment and tools they use too. Modern rigs and technology can help complete jobs more efficiently while protecting the environment. Walk through their process to feel confident in their methods.

Reputation is everything, so ask neighbors and friends for referrals if possible. Read online reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau as well. How they treat past clients is very telling of their customer service values.

Cost is important to consider, but avoid going solely by price. Sometimes a mid-range estimate means better quality workmanship in the long run. Get full itemized quotes to compare apples-to-apples. 

Reputable companies offer warranties to back their work. Make sure any issues will be addressed promptly during this initial period. Emergency response times are also worth clarifying.

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Well Drilling Services Offered

One of our partner’s most common services is drilling new domestic wells for homes. These are typically 4-6 inches in diameter to supply all your indoor water uses. We ensure these community lifelines are constructed to the highest standards.

Larger diameter irrigation wells around 8-12 inches are also a specialty. Local farms rely on these to keep crops watered. Our careful drilling prevents contamination of potable water supplies.

If your existing well is struggling to keep up or water quality has declined, it may be time for repairs or deepening. We assess the situation and provide cost-effective solutions to restore full functionality.

For commercial properties with higher volume needs, we drill larger production wells ranging 10-24 inches across. These may be paired with submersible or jet pumps depending on the setup.  

Sometimes all a well needs is a little TLC. We offer maintenance services like inspection, testing, chlorination, and more. Catching small issues before they worsen helps wells last much longer.

No matter the specific water use, our team takes a consultative approach. We’ll walk through your needs and site conditions to design the ideal customized solution. Then we handle permitting and execute to the highest standards. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about all your residential, commercial, agricultural, or municipal well drilling requirements. We also provide free no-obligation quotes, so why not check what we can do for you?

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Tips for Well Maintenance

While our partners handle the more complex aspects of well installation and repairs, some routine maintenance is easy enough for well owners to do themselves. After all, keeping your well running smoothly is important for access to safe, reliable water for years to come.

One of the simplest things is to keep the well area clean and clear of debris. Make sure the lid is secure to prevent contaminants from falling inside. Inspect it periodically for cracks or damage too.

Testing water quality annually is highly recommended. This helps catch any changes early before they worsen. We provide testing kits and can analyze samples in our onsite lab if needed.

Shock chlorination every few years kills any bacteria that may have accumulated in the casing and plumbing. We’re happy to walk you through this easy process. Don’t forget to flush the system thoroughly after.

Listen for changes in water flow, pressure or odd tastes/odors as indicators it may need an inspection. Catching small problems is much cheaper to fix than major repairs down the line.

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Keep an eye out for anything growing near your well like trees or shrubs. Roots can potentially enter over time and require removal. We’re here to assess the situation for you.

Pump maintenance like lubricating motors prevents premature wear. Know when yours was last serviced professionally and schedule accordingly.

Record details of your well like its location, depth, age and past work for reference should issues arise. This helps us diagnose and resolve quickly.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at all. Together, we can keep your well in top shape for many more years of dependable water access. Small efforts on your part combined with our expertise ensure lasting performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost can vary depending on depth, materials and specific needs. Our partners strive for transparency and provide free quotes to accurately budget. Factors like- depth, diameter, location and terrain affect pricing. Feel free to discuss your project with us!

Typically 100-300 feet deep here to reach the Floridan Aquifer, but this can vary a lot. Sandy soil may only need 100ft while hitting limestone requires deeper drilling. Our team carefully evaluates each site’s unique geology to determine the right depth for a productive well.

An inspection checks the well structure and water quality. We lower the cameras and do tests. Shock chlorination adds extra chlorine to kill bacteria. It’s wise to do it after inspections, repairs or if the water seems off. Just turn off pumps, add chlorine, wait and flush – we’re always here to walk through it!

Proper installation and regular maintenance help wells last 50+ years with minimal repairs. However, some sites or usage could impact this. Annual testing monitors changes so small fixes stay small. Your well can be reinforced or components replaced to restore wells’ longevity. Communication is key for your well’s long-term health.

Ask about experience in your area, licenses/insurance, process, equipment, cost/warranty, references and schedule a meeting. See how they address your specific needs. Checking reviews also sheds light on service, communication and values like standing by their work. Peace of mind comes from finding the right long-term partner.

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