Palm Bay Well Drilling Information and Services

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A reliable water source is essential for any home or business, and many property owners know that Palm Bay well drilling can help quench their water needs. Whether you’re building a new home or your existing well is no longer functional, PSL Water Guy has partnered with a reliable drilling company that can handle all your well-drilling requirements.

As a locally owned and operated company serving Palm Bay for over a decade, we understand that accessing fresh, clean water is a top priority. Our experts have extensive experience installing, repairing, and maintaining water treatment systems in homes for municipal and well water. We know how to get you the water for your property’s specific needs.

Some common issues we can address include:

  • Wells running dry due to dropping water tables
  • Contaminated wells needing replacement
  • Old, corroded piping requiring repairs or upgrades
  • In need of additional wells for irrigation or other purposes

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Why Choose Well Drilling?

Independence and Control

One of the top advantages of having a well is being independent of municipal water sources. With a well, you aren’t reliant on the city or county for your water supply. This means no worrying about water restrictions during drought periods or dealing with disruptions if the main lines need repairs. Your well water is yours to use and enjoy without restrictions.

Consistent Quality

Well, water often surpasses the quality of tap water. It’s naturally filtered as it percolates through layers of soil and rock, removing impurities. This typically results in cleaner, fresher-tasting water right out of your faucet. Many wells in Palm Bay produce soft water with fewer minerals and chemicals compared to treated municipal sources. 

Cost Savings Over Time

While drilling a new well does require an initial investment, it pays for itself in the long run through lower water bills. Once installed, your well is essentially a lifetime supply of water without monthly usage fees. When you factor in not paying connection charges or impact fees for public water, the cost savings add up. Many of our customers end up saving thousands over the years. 

Controlled Water Pressure

Water pumps or a well pump can be adjusted to provide water pressure exactly where you need it throughout your home or business. This ensures a strong, consistent flow without any disruptions. Municipal water pressure can fluctuate with demand, but your well pressure stays within your control.

Reliability During Emergencies  

Well water keeps flowing even during hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters that can disrupt piped infrastructure. This is critical for ensuring access to water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation when public systems may be compromised. Self-sufficient well owners gain peace of mind from this reliable backup source.

Hopefully, this gives you a sense of why so many Palm Bay residents and commercial clients appreciate the value of well water. It truly is a worthwhile long-term investment. 

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What to Expect from the Well Drilling Process

The Initial Site Assessment

Our first step to evaluating your property to find the best location. Well drilling contractors will consider factors like distance from structures, depth to the water table and any underground obstacles. This assessment helps them create a good design tailored to your land. 

Preparing the Drill Site  

Once the well drilling contractor has chosen the well site, it’s time to get the area cleared and leveled for safe drilling operations. They may also install temporary fencing for your protection. Don’t worry – they clean up before leaving each day.

Drilling Begins

Using a specialized rig, drilling companies start drilling the hole into the ground. This can take a full day or more depending on the depth needed. As they drill, they add sections of steel pipe called casing to line the hole and prevent collapse.

Setting the Screen & Filter Pack

At the water-bearing formation, they carefully install the well screen – a specialized pipe with small slots to filter and collect water while keeping dirt and debris out. Then they add filter pack sand around it for additional straining.

Development & Testing

To clear the well and establish an effective connection with the aquifer, drillers develop it using a surge block, jetting or airlift method. Then it’s tested to measure yield and water quality before final construction. 

Pump Installation & Disinfection

Once testing is complete, they safely lower the submersible pump into the well casing and connect it to your plumbing. The well is then disinfected to kill any bacteria before use.

Every step is carefully monitored by the experienced crew to ensure your well is built to the highest standards. If you need more explanation information about the drilling process, including deeper wells, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

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Palm Bay Well Drilling Information and Services

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Additional Services for Your Well

Well, Maintenance, and Repairs – Over time, wells can develop small issues if not properly cared for. Our partner company conducts routine maintenance to catch small problems before they worsen. They also handle any repairs like replacing bad pipes or seals.

Pump Services – The heart of any well is its pump. Our partners install, remove, repair, or replace submersible and jet pumps with minimally disruptive service. Proper pump maintenance extends well life.

Water Testing and Analysis – It’s important to routinely test your well water quality. We perform free tests to ensure safety and catch any changes over time.

Video Well Inspections – Using specialized cameras, the well’s interior can be visually inspected from top to bottom. This detects problems invisible to the naked eye like cracks, debris, or encrustation buildup.

Disinfection and Shock Chlorination – Wells can become contaminated after repairs or from seasonal flooding. We disinfect using chlorine or other approved chemicals to eliminate any bacteria present. 

Water Softening Systems – For those with hard water issues, we provide and service whole-house softening systems. The benefits are softer water and reduced mineral scale.

Filtration Solutions – Beyond softening, filters remove sediments, chlorine taste, and odors for the purest water. We offer systems for iron, manganese, pH adjustment, and more.

So whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs, water testing or full system upgrades, consider us your full-service well experts. Let’s discuss how we can assist with all your wellness needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the average cost of drilling a new well?

The cost can vary depending on well depth, location, soil conditions, etc. It is important to make a call to our team to learn more information and get a consultation scheduled with our partner company to get a better idea of the cost.

  1. How deep do wells need to be in Palm Bay? 

Most range from 100-300 feet deep here to reach an adequate water supply. Some sandy areas may only need 100ft while others may require over 300ft.

  1. How long will it take to install a new well?

For a basic well, the drilling usually takes 1-3 days. Then it’s 1-2 more days for development, testing, and pump installation. So plan for about a week from the start to fresh well water!

  1. What types of wells are commonly drilled in our area?  

Artesian and sand point wells are the most common. But we also install deeper bedrock wells where needed using specialized equipment to handle local geology.

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At PSL Water Guy, we aim to provide safe, potable water through our reliable water treatment services. For over a decade, we have been providing treatment systems that have removed water contaminants for our clients. Mineral build-up, need purified water for an immuno-compromised family member, or unfavorable discoloration or smell – we treat it all! So whether you’re drilling a new well, repairing an old one or needing well water treatment, give us a call. Contacting us today to discuss your project will put you on the right track to cleaner, healthier water.

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