Okeechobee Well Drilling Information

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Access to clean, reliable water is essential for homes and businesses throughout Okeechobee – well drilling may be your answer! Whether you need a source for drinking, irrigation, or other commercial uses, drilling a well is often the most effective water solution. As a local water treatment business serving Okeechobee for over 10 years, PSL Water Guy can guide you through the entire well-drilling process. We understand that selecting a water source is an important decision, which is why we’re committed to clear communication and determining your individual needs.

In this article, we will explore:

  • The advantages of well water over other options in our area
  • An overview of the drilling process from start to finish
  • Common well types and how to select the best one for your needs
  • Water testing and the various treatment systems available
  • Tips for choosing a reputable well drilling contractor
  • Answers to frequent questions from homeowners like yourself

Why Drill a Well in Okeechobee?

Superior Water Quality

If you’ve ever tasted the water straight from a fresh Okeechobee well, you know it’s worlds apart from what comes out of the tap. Underground aquifers filter out impurities and leave you with crystal-clear H2O. No more dealing with hard water deposits or worrying about what’s in the municipal supply. Just pure, great-tasting water. 

Reliability You Can Count On

Here in Okeechobee, we experience our fair share of storms and hot, dry spells. But with a private well on your property, you never need to fret over water restrictions or service disruptions. Our aquifers are replenished regularly by rain, so well water keeps flowing year-round. No need to stock up on bottled water during emergencies either. Your well is your self-contained water system.

Lower Costs Over Time

It’s an investment up front, but drilling your well ends up saving money compared to paying municipal water bills quarter after quarter. Maintenance is minimal, and you avoid the rising utility rates that seem to happen every year. Do the math – the cost of drilling pays for itself within just a few years versus relying on other sources.

Control and Customization 

With a well, you control the quality standards and customize the system to your specific needs. Options like water softeners, filters, UV lights – it’s easy to tailor your water. You also decide on maintenance schedules versus waiting for a utility work crew. The independence and customization are hard to beat.

Peace of Mind 

Knowing your water source is secure right on your land provides peace of mind like nothing else. You don’t need to worry if a pipe might burst or regulations might change. Your water is yours to enjoy, without concerns about access or affordability down the road. The self-sufficiency of well water is priceless.

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How Does the Well Drilling Process Work?

The Process Begins

The first step is consulting with an experienced well-drilling company. They’ll visit your property, review any water tests from nearby wells, and discuss your needs. This helps determine the well design, location, and size. 

Mobilization and Site Prep

Once you give the green light, the team will mobilize a drilling rig for your site. It may look intimidating, but that rig can drill down hundreds of feet with ease. They prep the area and position the rig precisely over where they’ll drill.

Drilling Begins

Now the real fun starts! The drill bit bores down into the earth, breaking through layers of rock and sediment. An endless parade of materials is brought up and removed as the hole gets deeper. It’s mesmerizing to watch in action.

Installing Casing and Screen 

As they drill, sections of sturdy steel pipe called casing are installed to prevent cave-ins. At the water-bearing formation, a specialized screen is put in to allow water in but keep debris out. This is the heart of your new well. 

Development and Testing

A high-pressure water jet is used to clear the screen and get the aquifer water flowing freely. Then it’s time for on-site testing of water quality, yield, and any special parameters you need. This ensures great results.

Pumps and Completion

Once testing is complete, they install the pump system – often a submersible model for convenience. All electrical work is done to code. Finally, the wellhead is disinfected and sealed for durability and safety.

Your Fresh Well Water!

After inspection and paperwork, it’s done! Now it’s time for you to enjoy the rewards of your new well. The crystal-clear water is just a tap or irrigation valve away. Cheers to your new high-quality water source!

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How Does the Well Drilling Process Work?

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Well Types Available in Okeechobee

Dug Wells

The oldest well type, dug wells are excavated by hand down 20-30 feet. They work well in sandy soils but have lower yields. The exposed walls can allow contaminants in too. Best for small homes/gardens near the lake. 

Driven Point Wells 

Similar to dug wells but with pointed well screens driven down instead of digging. Screens are joined and driven in a bundle. Cheaper options for low-yield use like irrigation. Require permeable soil without rocks.

Drilled Wells 

By far the most common! Drilled wells use a rig to bore holes from 50-400 feet deep into confined aquifers. Casing and screens are installed during drilling. Higher yields, less vulnerability to surface pollution. The best option for most homes.

Artesian Wells 

These wells tap into confined aquifers under natural pressure. Once drilled, the water rises without a pump! Rare in our area but a real treat if you strike one. Requires professional drilling expertise. 

Irrigation Wells

Larger-diameter wells specifically for high-volume uses like agriculture. Often deeper too. May use alternative construction like gravel packs for maximum flow. Need a robust pumping system.

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Tips for Finding a Reputable Well Driller

Check for Credentials 

Reputable drillers are licensed by the state and have insurance. Ask to see copies of these documents. Licensing ensures minimum training standards are met. Insurance protects you if any issues arise.  

Read Reviews and Ask for Referrals

Check online reviews and ask neighbors you trust for referrals to drillers they’ve used successfully. Real experiences shared without sales pressure give you the best insights.

Get Competitive Bids in Writing

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Prices can vary widely depending on depth, materials, and company overhead. Require at least three detailed written estimates to compare apples-to-apples. Don’t get pressured – take your time deciding.

Watch Out for “Discounters” 

Sometimes the lowest bidder cuts too many corners. Fully licensed, experienced drillers may cost a bit more but deliver quality results you can feel good about for decades. 

Check Years in Business

Newer companies may still be learning the ropes. Consider drillers operating successfully in your area for 10+ years as a safe bet.

Trust Your Gut

If a driller makes you uncomfortable in any way or can’t clearly explain the process, keep interviewing. The right fit is professional, transparent, and easy to understand every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies based on depth, materials, and drilling conditions. Factors like hard rock or going deeper than 200 feet could increase costs. Our partners provide free estimates!

Most range from 100-300 feet deep depending on your location. Near the lake? 100-150 feet may suffice. Further inland? 150-300 feet is typical.

Routine tasks are simple, like annual water testing, inspecting the well cap, and changing your pump’s oil. We also offer maintenance packages for total water system upkeep. Small effort goes a long way for dependable water.

Impossible to say for certain, but most Okeechobee wells maintain strong flows for 30+ years when constructed properly. Annual rainfall, pumping rate, and aquifer levels all factor in. Proper drilling gives peace of mind for decades to come.

Our partner’s state-licensed team handles all permitting requirements, from the county health department approval to building permits if needed. You enjoy your new well knowing it meets local water and construction standards.

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My name is Josh and I am the owner of PSL Water Guy. I got into water treatment a few years back when I realized I wanted better water for my home and my family. What started as a simple upgrade to my home became a passion for providing better water throughout Saint Lucie County. While Saint Lucie does a great job of treating and disinfecting local city water, legal limits of chemicals do remain in the water. Additionally, well water users struggle with iron and sulfur rich water. Whether city or well water, a home, or a business, PSL Water Guy has worked hard throughout the years to perfect water treatment options and is ready to bring you the best water possible!