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Whether you’re building a new home or business in Jupiter Farms, well drilling or replacing an old well, can significantly increase your water supply. To do it right, it is important to choose a reputable drilling company. As the largest and most trusted provider of water treatment and solutions in the area, PSL Water Guy can help guide you toward meeting your water needs.

We have partnered with a company to bring you more potable water. You can be confident that our work will meet all applicable local codes and regulations. We strive to minimize disruption and clean up thoroughly after jobs are done. Most importantly, we also stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Whether you need a new well, repairs, or full system installation, PSL Water Guy and its partners can provide a reliable solution tailored to your property. Let us take the hassle out of your next water project.

What Company to Choose for Your Well Drilling Needs

When it comes to something as important as your water supply, choosing the right contractor is key. After all, you need to know that the job will be done right – on time, on budget, and that someone has your back if any issues come up.

It is important to trust the companies you work with. Once work begins, you should expect minimal disruption and mess. Safety should be top priority as well – all necessary permits and precautions are followed to protect you and your property.

Should any issues arise after installation, the company should be there for the long haul. Standard warranties cover parts and labor to address problems quickly. But in the rare event that something does go wrong, they should handle mistakes with no hassle – fixing issues on their dime, not yours.

Customer satisfaction is how we measure our success. Just take a look at our hundreds of 5-star reviews – we never rest on past performance and are constantly innovating to exceed expectations. You can even talk to our previous clients yourself if you want a real perspective.

At the end of the day, we just want to be your trusted water experts. So whether you need a new well, pump system, water softener or more, let us take care of all the details. Our friendly team is always here to answer questions, provide references, and develop a solution that works for your unique needs and budget. Your water security is too vital to risk with anyone but the best. Give us a call today to get started – we look forward to serving you!

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Factors That Impact Well Drilling

When it comes to getting a new well installed, there are a few key things that determine how the process will go. The first factor is your property’s specific geology. The type of rock and soil underneath you will dictate how deep to drill to reach an adequate water source. In some areas, the water table may only be 50 feet down while others require drilling several hundred feet deeper.

Access is another thing that comes into play. Drilling rigs and equipment are big, so you’ll want to make sure the trucks have room to safely get to your well site. Having a clear path is ideal when it comes to tight spaces too.

The time of year can also influence the process. During rainy periods, for example, water levels tend to be higher which may impact yield. A good company will work around the calendar as needed to avoid potential issues.

Of course, your desired water usage is a factor as well. A family of four won’t need as high a flow as an agricultural operation. Have your needs evaluated to install the properly sized system.

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Common Well Types in Jupiter Farms

With all the different options out there these days, figuring out the best type of well for your property can feel overwhelming. In Jupiter Farms, the three main types we see are drilled wells, dug wells, and driven point wells. A drilled well is constructed by drilling a hole deep into the ground using a rig. It’s best for deeper water tables since it can reach down hundreds of feet.

This method yields high volumes of water and works great for larger homes or businesses. The only potential downside is higher upfront costs compared to other options. But you get what you pay for with quality construction and performance.

A dug well is just what it sounds like – a large hole dug by hand or machine, usually no more than about 35 feet deep. It’s a more affordable choice that works well for smaller rural properties. Water levels must be high enough though.

Lastly, a driven point well involves driving pre-assembled well screens and casing into the ground using a hammer. It’s a hybrid of drilling and digging that can reach depths around 100 feet. This type is commonly used for homesites with limited space.

Every property is different, so our partners will assess factors like your budget, water needs, and site conditions to advise which style fits you best. You really can’t go wrong with any of these trusted options when installed by experts.

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Additional Services Offered

While well drilling is our partners’ speciality, we know a reliable water supply means more than just the well itself. That’s why we proudly offer a full suite of additional services to complete your system.

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Naturally, water quality is a top concern. We offer comprehensive testing to ensure your H2O is clean, clear and healthy. Should treatment be required, we have solutions like softeners, filters, UV lights – basically anything to make your tap water perfect.

Repairs are also part of our bailiwick. Over the years, well components can start to show their age. Rather than risk bigger problems down the line, let us inspect your set-up and make any necessary replacements or repairs.

For new construction or renovations, we’re fully equipped to handle full-system installations from start to finish. You’ll have complete confidence that all components are perfectly integrated by our highly skilled team.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency service on a weekend – we’re here for you 24/7. Just think of us as your on-call well concierge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on specific site conditions and your desired depth, but on average jobs take 3-5 days.

In Jupiter Farms, the cost depends on the type of well and any additional services needed. Our partners provide free, no-pressure quotes upfront.

Hard to say for sure until we test the water quality. But given our mineral-rich soil, I’d estimate 50% of new wells could use a softener or filter. Let us test and advise.

Most range 100-300 feet deep around here to reach the aquifer. But some sites may only need 50 feet while others 400+ feet due to unique geology. We’ll determine the right depth.

All can work depending on your needs and land. Give us a call to discuss your must-haves, and we’ll guide you to the recommended best-fit style for your site.

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PSL Water Guy is your go-to for water treatment solutions to improve the quality and taste of your potable water. Having been in the business for over a decade, we’ve helped our clients meet their household and business water needs time and time again. So whether you live in Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, FL, or any of the surrounding areas in the Treasure Coast, we are there for you for water treatment solutions and maintenance services. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call to begin your journey to healthier, cleaner water.