Hydrogen Peroxide Injection Removes Odors from Well Water

 Say goodbye to unpleasant well-water odors!  PSL Water Guy explains how hydrogen peroxide injection can remove these pesky smells.  Learn more!

If unpleasant odours have been plaguing your well water lately, you’re not alone. Sulfur-reducing bacteria that naturally occur underground can multiply over time, releasing rotten egg smells and even worse tastes. As a Port St. Lucie homeowner or business owner, you want water that’s pure and refreshing. That’s why many turn to PSL Water Guy for a simple, affordable solution – hydrogen peroxide injection.

As the area’s leading water filtration experts, we’ve helped hundreds of customers eliminate persistent odors for good. Some of the signs we often see include:

  • Sulfur or rotten egg scents right from the tap
  • Complaints about the water’s appearance or taste
  • Noticeable smells throughout the house or office

Within a few weeks, hydrogen peroxide safely neutralizes the odour-causing bacteria at their source. You’ll enjoy fresh water once again without costly point-of-use filters. Let the professionals at PSL Water Guy get your well water smelling fresh!

Understanding the Cause of Odorous Well Water

You’re not alone if unpleasant smells have been plaguing your well water. As your friendly neighbourhood water experts, we’ve seen it all here at PSL Water Guy. In many cases, the culprit is sulfur-reducing bacteria (SRB) that naturally occur underground. Now don’t panic – it’s an easy fix!

To understand SRB, let’s break it down: These tiny microbes thrive in oxygen-deprived environments like well-water aquifers. Harmless on their own, they feed on sulfur compounds and release rotten egg-scented hydrogen sulfide gas as a byproduct of their metabolic process. Over time, as SRB populations multiply, those smells can get stronger.

A few things may contribute to increased SRB activity:

  • Shallow well depths allow more surface water infiltration
  • Changes in water table levels from seasonal rainfall
  • Disturbances to the aquifer like nearby construction

Have you noticed smells fluctuating, sometimes better or worse? This could be why. The good news is SRBs are usually only a temporary nuisance once their food source is eliminated.

Some other signs of potential SRB contamination include blackening or slimy buildup in plumbing fixtures and appliances from the hydrogen sulfide. You may also experience soapy residue rings in sinks and tubs. Yuck! While not harmful, I’m sure you’ll agree these aren’t the qualities we want in our home water.

Our experts can identify SRB and recommend an effective treatment plan. With hydrogen peroxide injection, you’ll safely neutralize the bacteria without hassling with point-of-use filter costs long-term. Your freshwater is just a call away!

Let me know if you have any other questions. We’re always here to explain the technical stuff in easy-to-understand terms.

The Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Now that we’ve covered what causes odours, let’s get to the good part – making them go away! As many of our clients know, hydrogen peroxide injection is a simple, affordable, and most importantly, effective solution.

In a nutshell, our technicians pump a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution into your well. From there, it percolates down through the aquifer where the SRB are feasting. You see, peroxide acts like a molecular Pac-Man. When it comes into contact with the bacteria and their sulfur-containing food source, it gobbles them up through a chemical reaction. 

Within a few weeks, the peroxide has eliminated the SRB throughout your entire water system. It then safely breaks down into plain water and oxygen.

We determine the proper dosage amount based on factors like well depth and diameter, existing water quality test results, and your odor concerns. Some key injection benefits include:

  • Long-lasting odor control 
  • No disruption to household water use
  • Gentle on plumbing lines and appliances like water heaters
  • Affordable compared to ongoing filter costs

Doesn’t that sound way better than fussing with filters under the sink? Give us a call and we’ll get your water back to its fresh, clean-tasting self.

As an added perk, hydrogen peroxide can also help remove light tints or traces of iron for clearer water. It works so much better than harsh chlorine shock treatments. We guarantee your satisfaction or the injection is free!

Feel free to reach out with any other questions. We take the guesswork out of water treatment so you can relax knowing your water is in good hands.

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Getting Started with PSL Water Guy

You’ve made the choice by reaching out to us here at PSL Water Guy! Now let’s get your hydrogen peroxide injection scheduled and taken care of.

Our process is simple as 1-2-3:

  • Consultation- We will come out and evaluate your well water to better determine if Hydrogen Peroxide Injection is right for you.
  • Customized Proposal – We will then provide you with a detailed treatment plan and estimated costs. We don’t want any surprises.
  • Injection Appointment – Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll schedule the injection for a convenient time within 5-10 business days. The entire process takes just a couple hours.

During the injection, our technician will carefully pump the diluted peroxide solution into your well under low pressure. It’s a breeze and won’t disrupt your water usage at all. 

Within a week we’ll follow up to check your results. Most clients are thrilled by how much better the water smells and tastes already. But it can take a few more weeks to fully permeate the entire aquifer. 

We’re always here if you have any other questions during or after the treatment. As a valued customer, you’ll receive exclusive offers on services. Simply give us a call to schedule your consultation. You’ll be so glad you did!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is hydrogen peroxide safe for plumbing and appliances? 

Absolutely! We only use a very diluted solution which breaks down harmlessly. Many of our clients notice improved performance too with softened scale buildup. Nothing to worry about there!

2. Will I notice the results right away? 

Most do within a few weeks as the smells dissipate. But it can take 6-8 weeks as the peroxide permeates further down. Be patient – we guarantee great results! 

3. What’s the average cost?

Pricing varies depending on your well. We provide upfront estimates and work with most budgets. Don’t hesitate to ask us about financing options too.

4. Can it help with other issues? 

Potentially! Peroxide can also reduce light tints or traces of iron. Just give us a call and we’ll review your full report to see how else we can improve your water quality.

As a Port St. Lucie homeowner or business owner, it’s essential to have access to clean and safe water. PSL Water Guy offers a simple and affordable solution to tackle those pesky  well water smells. By incorporating hydrogen peroxide injection, you can finally say goodbye to unpleasant well-water odors. Don’t hesitate to reach out to PSL Water Guy for more information on how we can help you achieve the clean and fresh water you deserve. 

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