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Expert Brevard Well Drilling Services is the solution when you need more quality water for your home or business. PSL Water Guy knows water quality – call us today.

If you are concerned about the amount of quality potable water you have for your home or business, you should consider Brevard well drilling services to increase your supply. For over a decade, PSL Water Guy has been the trusted source for all your water quality and filtration needs. Whether you’re building a new home, need a replacement well, or want to ensure your water is clean, we have the expertise, experience, and connections to handle any job professionally.

As a family-owned business serving the Brevard County area, we understand that access to safe, clean drinking water is essential. That’s why we take pride in partnering with a reliable well-drilling company along with comprehensive water testing and the finest filtration solution services we provide to our clients. Let us ensure your family always has great-tasting, healthy water through every step of the process.

Understanding the Well Drilling Process

If you’re considering a new well for your home or business, you may have some questions about what is involved. Let us give you a look at the process experienced drillers follow every time.

The first step is obtaining any required local permits. Then a contractor will visit your property to determine the optimal drilling location based on factors like distance from structures and property lines. They will carefully lay out the site and position the drilling rig over the marked spot.

These rigs are no ordinary machines – they can drill down hundreds of feet through all types of geology. But it all starts at the surface with the installation of a protective steel casing. This is essentially a large pipe that gets inserted into the ground as drilling progresses. Its job is to prevent the sides of the newly drilled hole from caving in.

Once drilling begins, you’ll see the rig’s kelly and drill pipe rotating to pulverize rock and sediment. As they go deeper, additional sections of drill pipe and casing are added. Expert drillers know just how to navigate each formation based on decades of experience in Brevard. Typically, wells tap into the Floridan Aquifer between 100-300 feet below the surface here.

When they reach the desired depth, special tools are used to collect water samples from different zones. This helps identify the most productive formation for your new well. The drill pipe is then removed, leaving just the sturdy steel casing in place. To finish it off, grout is pumped between the casing and surrounding earth to further reinforce the well structure.

After a day or two of testing pumps and ensuring water quality, the job is complete! A submersible pump and pressure tank are installed to reliably deliver fresh water to your home for all your needs like drinking, bathing, and irrigation.

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Choosing the Right Water Well Contractor

With good drilling being such an important project, it’s only natural to want to make the best choice for your new contractor. But with so many options out there, how do you separate the reputable pros from the inexperienced pretenders? Let me share some things to look out for.

Licensing is huge – only hire drillers who are licensed by the state. This ensures they’ve passed testing on rules and regulations. You’ll also want to verify their insurance coverage in case any issues come up down the road.

Experience is so valuable too. An established company has navigated all types of geological surprises over the years. They’ve also refined their process based on feedback from thousands of satisfied customers. Newer outfits may still be learning as they go.

Ask about the driller’s success rate. Any contractor can promise you a great well, but what percentage of their work produces good yields? Reputable companies stand by their ability to find water for their clients.

Check reviews online to see what real homeowners have said. Look for common themes about professionalism, clean work sites, and responsive service after the job. Pay attention if multiple complaints emerge about a certain contractor.

Does the company offer a warranty? What’s covered, and for how long? The best will protect their work and stand behind it.

Give preference to those with comprehensive service plans for ongoing maintenance needs. You want someone invested in your well’s long-term care.

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Water Testing and Filtration Options

Now that your new well is drilled, the next important step is testing the water quality. Even pristine aquifers can sometimes contain undesirable contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, or excess minerals.

Some common tests check for nitrates, arsenic, lead, coliform bacteria, and more. This comprehensive analysis gives you peace of mind about what may be present in your water.

Depending on the results, basic chlorine disinfection may suffice for bacterial issues. However, additional filtration is usually recommended for problems like hardness, iron, manganese, and other dissolved solids.

That’s where systems like reverse osmosis shine. With RO, water is forced through special semi-permeable membranes that remove up to 99% of dissolved minerals and particles down to atomic size. It’s the gold standard for producing ultra-pure water.

If your test finds high levels of certain heavy metals, a specialty lead or arsenic filter may do the trick. Cartridge-style carbon filters are a popular whole-house solution for chlorine taste and odor. And ultraviolet disinfection is a must for bacteria concerns.

Our team would be happy to sit down with your test results and recommend the ideal treatment plan customized for your water quality and family’s needs. Proper filtration pays for itself in savings on expensive bottled water and appliance repairs from mineral buildup over time. Plus, you can feel confident your family is protected from potential health issues. Doesn’t clean, safe water sound worth investing in?

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Pumps, Pressure Tanks and Ongoing Maintenance

By now you know how important your well system’s pump and pressure tank are for enjoying reliable water service every day. But did you realize how often these key components need attention to keep operating smoothly?

Pumps, Pressure Tanks and Ongoing Maintenance

Submersible pumps are designed to run continuously, yet they still experience wear over their lifespan. On average, residential pumps last 7-10 years with regular servicing. Signs it may be time for a pump repair or upgrade include declining flow, odd noises, or pressure fluctuations.

Pressure tanks perform a critical job storing and regulating water pressure. Over 15-20 years, the bladder inside can weaken or develop leaks. You’ll notice water constantly running or pressure drops when faucets are turned on.

Here at PSL Water Guy, we offer affordable preventative maintenance plans to monitor your system’s health. Our certified technicians inspect pumps, check voltages, and perform any needed repairs. Customers appreciate the peace of mind.

Regular flushing of sediment filters and sanitizing of water softeners are also part of routine care. Catching small issues before they worsen helps avoid costly emergency trips. You’ll save water and energy too with optimized performance.

Overall system health is just as important. Our maintenance plans include annual well inspections and treatment to prevent problems down the line. Happy homeowners keep coming back year after year for our reliable service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically 100-300 feet here will tap into the Floridan Aquifer, which is an abundant source in this area. The geology can vary a bit though, so experienced drillers are prepared to go deeper if needed.

It mainly involves getting approval from the local health department. Our partners handle all the paperwork to drill wells and inspections to obtain your permit so it’s hassle-free for you.

For a standard well, expect about 2-3 days total. The drilling itself usually wraps up in a day. Then there’s testing, installing the pump/tank, and final inspection.

Experience, licensing, insurance, warranty, reviews from past clients, and whether they offer ongoing maintenance plans after the job.

The standard package tests for bacteria, hardness, pH, nitrates, and more. This gives you insight into any filtration needs or health risks from contaminants.

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PSL Water Guy has been serving Melbourne and surrounding Florida areas for over a decade, providing clients with better-tasting and healthier water.

Each professional on our team knows how to test water quality, install water treatment systems, and maintain or repair treatment systems. If you are ready to have your well or municipal water tested, want to reduce the cost of buying bottled water, increase irrigation for better landscaping, or need an existing system or well repaired, contact our team today.